Sponsored by Ignatius Press, the annual CMN breakfast will take place Thursday morning, July 20, 2017 and feature popular and inspirational Dr. Edward Sri.

Dr. Sri is a theologian, author and well-known Catholic speaker who appears regularly on the global Catholic TV network, EWTN. He is a founding leader with Curtis Martin of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) and serves as a professor of theology and Vice-President of Mission and Outreach at the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Sri has written several Catholic best-selling books and his most recent books are Love Unveiled: The Catholic Faith Explained and Who Am I to Judge both published by Ignatius Press.

The CMN Annual International Trade Show will take place July 18-21, 2017 at the Schaumburg Convention Center located a few minutes from O’Hare International airport in Chicago, IL. To register for the event and the breakfast please visit: http://www.catholicmarketing.com/tradeshowhome/