OSV Parish Capital Campaigns a Solution to Help Fund Well-Defined Parish Projects

Our Sunday Visitor recently introduced Parish Capital Campaigns, a complete consulting, communication, and recording program focused on funding small capital projects. It is designed specifically to reduce debt, address restoration and maintenance, and proactively sustain facilities while avoiding the necessity of multi-million dollar campaigns.

“Parish Capital Campaigns are the perfect fit for parishes with moderate goals who need to raise one to two times their annual offertory,” says Ray Coogan, Senior Campaign Consultant for Our Sunday Visitor. “I’m excited to assist the parishes with some of the needs that they have, and I take great comfort in knowing I’m helping to fulfill the needs, dreams and mission of a parish.”

Parish Capital Campaigns can successfully separate capital-funding needs from regular offertory. Designed as a complete offering, the program minimizes the impact on the parish staff and pastor. Consultants work with parishes throughout the entire eight to ten-week campaign process comprised of consulting, mailed communications, recording and reporting services. Other optional components of the program include a feasibility study to determine the level of success a parish can achieve before making a commitment, and pledge redemption services to assist in reviving payments from donors who have fallen behind on pledges.

“As we listened to our customers in our advisory panels, we recognized that to fulfill our mission to serve the Church, we needed to offer an offertory solution for parishes with project-specific financial needs,” says Terry Poplava, Executive Director of Marketing and Sales for Our Sunday Visitor. “Parish Capital Campaigns is one option OSV offers to help an Engaging Parish establish financial health. It allows parishes to focus on their mission and parishioner engagement instead of allowing short-term financial issues to compile before taking action. Our campaign utilizes all of the principles and practices available in a large-scale campaign without the intensity and pressure of a major on-site direct campaign. It is cost effective, has a shorter timeline, requires significantly fewer volunteers and has a minimal impact on the daily activity of parishes.”

For more information: 800.348.2886, ext. 2539 | www.osv.com/capitalcampaigns