Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, STD Points to Christ’s Beatitudes to Discovering Happiness in New Book and Parish Program.

In his newly released book and a new 8-part parish program titled Kingdom of Happiness, Fr. Jeffrey Kirby unveils Jesus’ plan for our happiness is in the understanding of the Beatitudes.  Released from St. Benedict Press, Fr. Kirby first identifies the sources of unhappiness: the false promises the anti-beatitudes of a fallen, busy world. He explains how these anti-beatitudes, far from leading to happiness, tear down and rob us of happiness. Kirby leads the reader out of this darkness, pointing us to Jesus Christ as the saint-tested and centuries-proven source of authentic peace, true joy, and radical happiness.

In a world offering fleeting pleasures in place of true happiness, Father Jeffrey offers hope and encouragement to the tired, overburdened, and unhappy. He reminds us that we are made for happiness. But he goes beyond that, showing us the path to achieving happiness. It’s not a new path. In fact, Jesus showed us the way in the Beatitudes, but Kingdom of Happiness reveals how these aren’t merely nice sayings, they are powerful ways of living. He shows us that the Beatitudes are not a self-help guide or a boring list of eight more things to do, but are a series of grace-filled, life-giving promises that excite our souls and point us along a way of life that assures us of true, lasting happiness.

“In Kingdom of Happiness, Father Kirby focuses on Jesus’ own description of Happiness. This is great material for anyone’s meditation!” Most Reverend Robert Baker, S.T.D., D.D. Bishop of Birmingham.

“This is a guidebook for real happiness that is much needed in our world of division and loneliness.” Representative Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

“Fr. Jeffrey Kirby is flat-out one of the best spiritual writers going in the Catholic Church today.” John Allen, President/CEO of Crux Catholic Media Inc.

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