After Hosting Catholic Answers Live ‘The Patrick Coffin Show’ Debuts

After seven-and-a-half years at the helm of the enormously popular national radio show Catholic Answers Live, Patrick Coffin has moved on to a new media platform.  “The Patrick Coffin Show” is a new podcast-driven venture that aims to “deliver commentary and interviews with top social influencers that are hope-based and aimed at building a better culture through building a better you.”

Know him as the witty, insightful and humorous host of “Catholic Answers Live” for the last seven years. Pat’s new show has started with podcasts and commentaries, but he envisions possibly syndication on radio and television networks.  “I’ve got big plans for a broad, more culturally engaging platform, driven by a free podcast, a YouTube channel, and a myth-busting video series.”

To visit his new website here