Four Siblings Start Pro-Life Apparel Company

The four home-schooled Cunningham siblings were weaned early on as to the importance of the Pro-life movement, attending the March for Life in Washington, and praying with their mother outside abortion clinics.  Inspired to take their passion for life to the “next level” they decided to start Life Culture Apparel, a clothing line highlighting Respect Life messages.  The quartet, Ian, Aidan, Sophia, and Alyssa Cunningham are utilizing their different talents to make this effort a success.

Ian is the oldest at 24 and oversees business development while eighteen-year-old Alyssa is the artist of the group with her drawings and designs featured on the clothing.  Brother Aiden maintains the website with younger sister Sophia handling customer relations and social media.  Together they make quite a team and their venture is beginning to get traction.  “We want our clothing to begin conversations about this important issue,” said Ian.  “I think this movement needs to be a big umbrella,” he continued.  I don’t think you need to be a Christian to be pro-life, you really just need to be human to understand and respect life, and I think that’s how the world should view this issue.

For those interested in purchasing items in their apparel line they visit their website, or contact Ian Cunningham at: