Seeks Culture of Life Journalist, a pro-life and pro-family news agency, is seeking a full-time journalist dedicated to writing stories for our Culture of Life section.

The “Culture of Life” section is a section of our website devoted to telling stories that promote a culture of life and a renewal of Christian civilization. While these stories may sometimes deal with difficult or dark themes, they are intended to uplift and inspire our readers by highlighting heroic (and often unnoticed or unsung) acts of courage, instances of life overcoming death, of good overcoming evil, etc. This can involve everything from stories about couples who have chosen life despite being pressured to abort, about the unsung work of pro-life activists who are quietly saving lives on the front lines, of people who have undergone conversions from an anti-life or anti-family worldview or lifestyle and embraced the truth, or about the everyday struggles of families seeking to live out the values of the Culture of Life, etc.

The successful applicant will be tasked with finding and writing/editing top-notch shareable content that will inspire readers to engage in the battle for life, family, and faith. If interested please send cover letter, resume, and your best writing samples to

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