Franciscan Friars of the Renewal’s Fr. Tansi Releases Debut Album

This has been an eventful year for Brother Tansi. In May, he became Father Tansi, as he and five other Franciscans were ordained to the priesthood at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. But it’s a landmark year for another reason: Fr. Tansi has just released his debut album, Garden (available on iTunes and Amazon, or for hardcopy pre-order through Love Good), a rich, intimate blend of folk, rock, and gospel rooted in his discovery of a peace that the world couldn’t give.

Fr. Tansi’s debut album is a rich blend of folk, rock, and gospel rooted in discovery of a peace then he says he has reached with his vocation. Fr. Tansi had picked up the guitar over the years, and, in the friary, started writing songs as a way to pray and reach out to God. He never had any intention of recording them; but just as surely as he had been led to the South Bronx, the raw beauty of his songs would be led out into the world.

It took another brother – Br. Mark-Mary, the man behind CFR’s “Renewal in Motion” initiative – to connect the dots. “He approached me in October 2016 about recording, and after his encouraging me, I agreed. Br. Mark-Mary sought out the permissions that were needed and begged for the help that would make the project possible.”

That included reaching out to bassist and Catholic Underground veteran Scott Mulvahill, a full-time member of Ricky Skaggs’s band Kentucky Thunder, to produce Tansi’s album. Mulvahill agreed, and in a matter of weeks, Tansi was on his way to Nashville to record his music. “With the help of Scott and his friends we recorded the album in February 2017 from a Friday to a Sunday…I felt very comfortable leaving Scott with the rest of the work, because I could see that he knew exactly what we were trying to capture with the project.”