National Catholic Register Named ‘Newspaper of the Year’

The National Catholic Register, which will mark its 90th anniversary in November, was named “Newspaper of the Year” at the Catholic Press Association’s annual Catholic Media Conference June 20-23 in Quebec City, Canada.

In citing the Register for journalistic excellence, the judges said, “A beautifully designed and impressive publication. The majority of the stories were written by their own correspondents, thus their reliance on the Catholic News Service was minimal. The ‘Culture of Life’ section was particularly well done and full of engaging stories and photos. This is a newspaper with gravitas. It looks extremely credible. The writing is excellent.”

“I couldn’t be prouder of the Register’s team. Each and every member of our staff and all of our correspondents work so hard at the journalistic craft, and what drives all of their effort is love of the Church. This is a very well-deserved recognition!” said Jeanette De Melo, the Register’s editor in chief.

The Register also won first place for “Best Front Page-Broadsheet” for its covers that featured “Orlando’s Aftermath,” “Benedict’s Priestly Anniversary” and “Healing a Nation’s Racial Wounds.” The judges pointed out, “Excellent typography. Enjoyed the use of whitespace to separate the stories vertically. Very elegant. Easy to navigate.”