ESNE Spanish Language Catholic Television Celebrates Fifteen Years

On Monday, July 31, ESNE-TV celebrated its 15th anniversary of 24/7 hour programming, the sole television channel of Hispanic Catholic Charismatics in the Spanish language. On this date in 2002, ESNE-TV began broadcasting around the clock on KRCA-TV channel 62 Los Angeles, Mondays through Fridays.

ESNE-TV is lively, emotionally Catholic Charismatic channel. There are the usual talk shows featuring priests fluent in Spanish, but there is also Chicano Catholic contemporary music with a Mexican flair, as well as more Anglo vocalists and groups. Recordings of the massive “congresses” of Catholic faithful filling Los Angeles Coliseum – where one is hard put to see empty seats – are also broadcast. Mass is celebrated daily in Spanish, and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy is said with called-in petitions for prayers every afternoon. Bishops and priests throughout Latin America often are seen giving minute-long reflections, station promos, and station identifications.

ESNE-TV was founded as part of the El Sembrador Ministries, a large organization that grew out of a Bible study at a Los Angeles parish church. ESNE was founded and directed by layman Noel Díaz. The group came to the realization that the fruits of Bible study needed to be carried to the population at large, and that led to the purchase of a half-hour of radio time in January 1991 over Los Angeles’ KMAX 107.1 FM.

Today, ESNE-TV is seen in 19 Latin American countries via cable or satellite. It is found in all Spanish-speaking countries except Cuba; only Brazil (Portuguese speaking) and the three Guianas (English, French, Dutch) in South America do not download its signal.