Guadalupe Radio Looking to Raise $2.8 Million to Buy Washington Station

La Promesa Foundation dba Guadalupe Radio Network (GRN) is seeking to raise $2.8 million to buy WMET 1160 AM Washington, which it has been leasing from Huffines License Subsidiary LLC since it came on the air May 5, 2010. The Foundation launched the year-long capital campaign that is in its first week. Toya Hall, vice-president of GRN told Catholic Radio Update that a matching grant of $425,000 has already been made, along with $15,000 in smaller donations.

“Some generous people bought WMET to lease back to us, but now they want to sell the station and have offered it to us for $2.8 million, far less than the $4 million they paid for it,” she said. “They would prefer to sell it to us, if possible. The Archdiocese of Washington is supporting us in our efforts to buy the station.”

In charge of the campaign is Dave Vacheresse, who is now Director of Mission Development for GRN and no longer Director of GRN Southeastern stations. That position has been filled by John Titwell, who has a successful record of management and development, Mrs. Hall commented.  Mr. Vacheresse was interviewed on the campaign on the daily EWTN program “Morning Glory,” which Brian Patrick and his staff originated one day this past week from the WMET studios. Cooperating with him in the campaign is the new manager of WMET, Dan DiBiase.