Liturgical Press Launches a New Imprint: Liturgical Press Academic

Solidifying its commitment to serving the academic community with high-quality theological and spiritual resources, Liturgical Press recently announced a new imprint: Liturgical Press Academic. Starting in January 2018, all books that were published under Pueblo Books or Michael Glazier Books will be published as Liturgical Press Academic.  “To meet the needs of today’s undergraduate, graduate-level, and seminary students, we are redefining a piece of our brand that Liturgical Press readers have grown to know and trust,” said Hans Christoffersen, publisher of the academic and monastic markets. “This streamlined imprint will include a focus on liturgy, Scripture, and theology.”

In making this shift, Liturgical Press Academic merges two imprints to stand alongside Liturgical Press books, Cistercian Publications, and The Saint John’s Biblebooks.  The Wisdom Commentary, a series in progress, will continue to be published under its current imprint.