23-Year-Old Recent Convert and Popular Internet Evangelist Lizzie Reezay Believes the Internet is Changing the Way People Come to Know God

Born to Protestant missionary parents, Lizzie Reezay is a 23-year-old YouTuber who lives in Los Angeles and since starting her YouTube channel when she was just 15, she has amassed 200k subscribers and 35 million views of her 400 plus videos. An outspoken evangelist, Lizzie has a deep love for Scripture and Church history.   She began reading intently into the Early Church and discovered the writings of the Church Fathers and a Christianity that even in the 1st and 2nd Centuries “looked Catholic.”

It was actually church history and Scripture that led her to the Catholic Church.  In early 2017 she was reading through all the Communion accounts, and when she read through John 6, and she started crying. “Because I’d been reading the Church Fathers talking about the Real Presence, but then reading through the actual accounts — and especially the “Bread of Life” discourse in John 6 — it’s just so obvious. Jesus repeats it several times; the Greek is gnawing, chewing. It’s there; it’s Scripture.

Continuing her regular YouTube content, Lizzie views her YouTube, Blog and multiple social media platforms as a ministry to reach out to people who are negative toward Christianity and those who strive to live for God. Lizzie writes and speaks on topics as diverse as Theology, Relationships, Christian culture, and Bipolar Disorder. Her amazing journey of Faith and more information on her ministry can be found at http://lizziesanswers.com/