New Feature-Length Documentary on St. Francis Released

4PM Media and Wild Guess Studios has partnered to produce a feature-length documentary of the life of St. Francis of Assisi, A Sign of Contradiction. “St. Francis is one of the most loved saints in all the world, commented Fr. Dave Pivonka the Director of The Wild Goose Media ministry, “but do we really know him? Cities, schools, hospitals, and churches around the globe are dedicated to him, but why?”

“Francis was a sinner and a saint who was on a lifelong journey animated by grace,” said Father Dave. “He was a real person with real struggles, temptations, and doubts. He was a disciple who when all the world saw him as a fool, he stood as a sign of contradiction. This film presents Francis as a real person, not just some characterization of an animal-loving Saint from a distant time. Francis is a person who, like us, searched for purpose and meaning and was often left empty. It wasn’t until he encountered Christ that darkness and confusion were replaced with light and peace!”

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