The Messy Family Project is a Labor of Love

When Mike and Alicia Hernon began their podcasts a few years ago they had no idea that it would blossom into a fulltime business/ministry that is providing help and parenting tips to thousands of parents and families.  “It’s incredible,” commented Mike Hernon, “what began as a simple volunteer effort has grown to serve over 10,000 families!”

Alicia Hernon knows that many families today are seeking help.  “Our mission is to empower parents, strengthen marriage and bring families to Christ,” said Alicia.  “We have found that families are hungry for these resources and we are here to help.  Marriage and family are where the rubber hits and the road concerning faith and values in our society, so the best thing we can do to help our world is to renew and strengthen marriage and family life.”

“With ten children ranging from 6 to 23 we’ve had the opportunity to make many mistakes so it’s not surprising that our family life, like most other families, is better described as a bit messy, but messy is ok,” proclaimed Mike.  “Loving and forming our children has been the project of our life and we are so happy to be able to share our experiences with others!”

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