Scott Hahn Slated to Speak at CMN Summer Trade Show

Catholic Marketing Network is delighted to announce SCOTT HAHN will be the keynote speaker for the MOMENTUM 2019 IMPACT Luncheon on Thursday, August 1 at Noon. This exceptionally popular speaker and teacher, will deliver a powerful talk integrating Scripture and Catholic faith in his endearing personal style. Dr. Scott Hahn is a master-evangelizer who will energize all CMN event participants in their work for God. The IMPACT Luncheon is a special opportunity for both exhibitors and attendees to "break bread together" and share an inspiring experience. Dr. Hahn's success running a teaching and evangelization ministry, that has impacted so many thousands of souls, is a powerful model for all Catholic businesses and ministries. The MOMENTUM 2019 event is described as the "Premiere Catholic Trade Show...and so much more". Including Dr. Hahn in an outstanding lineup of MOMENTUM 2019 speakers and special guests is part of the broadening vision of the CMN. The Catholic Marketing Network is now positioned to serve as a connectivity hub to strengthen the impact and growth of all businesses and ministries that serve the needs of Catholics.