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Life is Beautiful Gala Highlights Hope for the Cause of Life

Terry Beatly and the Hosea Initiative hosted the first ďLife is Beautiful GalaĒ event in Washington, D.C. on December 8, 2019. Senator Kevin Cramer (ND), was Honorary Host and Mike Lindell, Inventor and CEO of My Pillow, was the Emcee. The first Bernard N. Nathanson, MD, "Courageous Witness for Life Award" honor was given to President Donald J. Trump, and received on his behalf by Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson. Hosea Initiative is a Catholic Marketing Network member organization who demonstrates in magnificent fashion, how using using business and ministry best practices can produce powerful results. Keynote speaker, Mallory Millett, spoke on: Shining Light in Dark Places - Allowing Truth to Heal a Nation. She connected the dots between the Marxist threats against the family unit and the deconstruction of Western civilization. Mallory revealed how her sister, Kate, had become a Communist who co-founded the National Organization of Women. Mallory set the stage for the importance of Hosea Initiative's mission - to educate, restore, and unify America around a culture of life ethic. (Image credit: Hosea Initiative)

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4 Catholic Witnesses Who Gave Us Hope in 2019

(Excerpted from the National Catholic Register, January 1, 2020)

National Catholic Registerís feature article highlights Notre Dame priest and firefighter: Father Jean-Marc Fournier, 18 year-old Colorado school shooting hero of self-sacrifice: Kendrick Castillo, Miraculous prayer witness: Melissa Villalobos, and pro-life champion: Abby Johnson. Discover their inspiring stories. (Image credit: National Catholic Register)

Rescuing Jesus From Notre Dame

As fire rained from the roof of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Father Jean-Marc Fournier quickly and decisively, under pressure, went through the endangered church rescuing precious artwork, relics ó and, finally, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

As a fireman, military veteran and chaplain to firefighters, Father Fournier knew the risks to his own life entering the burning Paris cathedral during the April 15 Holy Week fire. With the aid of the sacristan, he grabbed the tunic of St. Louis IX and the Crown of Thorns. Finally, he found Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, whisking him away and asking the hidden God to fight the flames.

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Exhibiting at CMN MOMENTUM 2020

Catholic Marketing Network continues to build and broaden its mission. The organization was founded by Alan Napleton in 1996 to be an important facilitator for the growth of Catholic businesses and ministries. The annual Conference & Trade Show event, now known as CMN MOMENTUM 2020, brings together hundreds of entrepreneurs and ministry leaders to make important connections, and to highlight the newest products and publications that serve the needs of Catholics. CMN is now providing a nexus of unity not just for product suppliers, publishers, retailers, but also an amazing array of organizations operating in the Catholic space. Exhibitors are finding more reasons than ever not to miss CMN MOMENTUM 2020. CMN encourages Catholic organizations to check the event map and choose a booth with the advantage of early availability!

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A Destination Christmas Gift

CMN Member Non-profit Ministry Energizes Family Prayer: Holy Cross Family Ministries
By Cathy Gilmore

Modern culture assaults families with a constant barrage of images and messages that undermine spiritual development. It is increasingly difficult for parents to infuse a rich and authentic Catholic faith in their children and teens. Often Christmas holiday experiences in films, advertising, gifts, and celebrations are now completely disconnected from the birthday of Jesus. Families need a way to immerse their sons and daughters in fun and faith-affirming family experiences that strengthen their souls. Holy Cross Family Ministries, the apostolate dedicated to promoting family prayer, and to promoting devotion to the Holy Rosary, has created a delightful spiritual oasis for families called the Museum of Family Prayer.

This first-of-its-kind museum welcomes families to a unique, interactive, digital experience of prayer to experience together. The museum provides:

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Christmas is All About the Baby!

CMN Members champion Pro-life values

Christmas is when we get to celebrate a very special baby. Joyfully recalling birth of Jesus as a baby reminds us of the sacredness of every baby, born and unborn. Catholic Marketing Network is a deeply pro-life organization with members who champion the dignity of every every stage, age, and ability. We are so honored to assist the growth and success of so many amazing organizations and individuals who work to advance the pro-life cause.

Life-Affirming Christmas Gift-Giving

CMN Members are very creative in developing concrete ways to promote life. The gifts you buy can promote the pro-life cause in subtle and gentle ways.

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