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Lila Rose of Live Action: 'The Pro-Life Movement Is Growing'

Commentary from Lila Rose excerpted from the National Catholic Register .

"Lila Rose was still in college, studying at UCLA, when she founded Live Action with the mission of sharing the truth about abortion and the abortion industry. She believed, and still believes, that when people learn the truth about abortion, they reject it. ‘Hearts and minds do change,’ she frequently says."

"The pro-life movement is growing! We have seen an increasing pro-life shift among younger people, millennials and Gen Z. I think this is the direct result of education and the fact that we have access to information that we didn’t have before. Technology that shows life in the womb-like ultrasounds — has been an incredibly powerful tool to show people the reality of life in the womb, but the rise of new and independent media has been crucial, as well."

"New media, like social media and independent journalism, has been a key tool over the last 10 to 15 years to help educate millions of people. When people see the truth about what abortion is, what it does to a baby, and the harm it does to women and families, it is transformative. It’s why Live Action focuses on reaching millions of people every week with compelling pro-life educational videos, articles, graphics and messages. We see hearts and minds change all the time on abortion when simply given the opportunity to know the truth."

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"Legislatively, some of the big wins have been a result of the increased focus on total legal protection for preborn babies, as well as the defunding of abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. It’s good because we shouldn’t pick between one baby at a certain gestational age versus another, but protect all babies at every age. These legislative wins also prepare the country for the showdown that’s coming at the Supreme Court."

"Our movement has also seen growth in the pregnancy-resource center world over the last 20 years. There are thousands of pregnancy-resource centers across the country that are caring for women, children and families in need every single day and many amazing organizations working to improve the services, marketing and community outreach of these centers. These groups are the heart and soul of our movement and are a big part of our success."

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