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Mission Driven

By Stephen Henley

An article excerpted from Legatus Magazine. Valuable reminders for all of us, whether God calls us to big responsibilities of leadership in a multi-faceted organization, or simpler person-to-person work on a smaller scale.

Each of us has a mission in life: to get to heaven and take as many with us as possible. Beyond that mission, everything else is ancillary. Because we are human, we get caught up in “life” and lose our true north. To get back to that true north, we take time away, or “retreat.” “Retreat” takes many forms in our lives – perhaps it’s daily Mass, or our Sunday obligation of Mass, or annual spiritual exercises or retreat.

Especially during the busy shopping seasons of the year, and then with the fallout on our bank accounts, we can get wrapped up in the hustle and lose sight of our mission. When you see this column, it will be February, and perhaps a good time for you to revisit your annual resolutions.

I encourage you to adopt what Legatus founder and CEO, Tom Monaghan has dubbed Tres Magna or the Big Three. Tres Magna constitutes going to Mass daily, praying the rosary daily, and receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation monthly. To that end, Mr. Monaghan established Tres Magna to blend our organizational mission with our personal mission. With Catholics around the world, we can be united in Tres Magna. You are not alone on your mission.

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