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The Hope Springs World of Catholic Convert, Paul McCusker

By Cathy Glmore

Thereís a wonderful new world emerging at Augustine Institute. Through the creative brilliance of Paul Mc Cusker, Hope Springs is a refreshingly creative universe that energizes faith on a multi-generational level. Paulís gifts as a writer, and his love for Christ, gave birth to a broad array of captivating family and childrenís books, audio dramas and more within the ministry of Focus on the Family for nearly 30 years. Now, as a Catholic convert, Paulís considerable talent is weaving together a delightful literary experience that entertainingly celebrates Catholic faith.

Within the imagined community of Hope Springs, Paul is creating storytelling for early readers, middle grade and grown-ups. Paulís early-reading book series brings the whole Catholic liturgical year to life naturally in the Adventures of Nick and Sam. The Virtue Chronicles, set in the same charming town, enables tweens and young teens to identify with the challenges of growing in faith and maturity. With the novella Blue Christmas, Paul launches grown-up readers on an engaging journey that brings faith to life in a fresh way, again with characters who live in the Hope Springs world. This unique multi-generational approach to faith-rich storytelling is a bold way to build family cultural unity and to gently evangelize hearts in a deep way.

Listen to a Faith & Culture podcast conversation with Augustine Institute Senior Editor, Joseph Pearce telling the fascinating story of Paulís conversion journey. Image credit: Avila-Institute.org