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Holy Pals creates Biblical-themed pajamas and textile products designed for the whole family. We specialize in creating high-quality, beautifully designed pajamas, blankets, and bedsheets that tell beloved Bible stories through vibrant and artistic prints.

Perfect Gifts for Every Occasion: Our products are not just pajamas; they are a gateway to sharing faith and cherished stories. They make perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and baptisms, offering something deeply personal and meaningful that can be treasured by recipients of all ages.

Christmas Favorites: Holy Pals is known for our family matching pajamas that are particularly popular during the Christmas season. Our exclusive Nativity-themed sets allow families to celebrate the real reason for the season, making our products a top choice for retailers looking to offer something special and heartfelt during Christmas.

Quality: Each product is crafted with care, using only the finest materials to ensure comfort and durability. We offer 100% cotton pajamas and a collection in premium bamboo that our customers love for the hot summer months!

Join Our Growing Family of Retailers: We are excited to partner with mom-and-pop stores who wish to bring unique, faith-based products to their communities. Reach out to discuss how you can become part of our retail family with exclusive retailer discounts. Wholesale ordering is so easy and can be done directly on our website with a wholesale account.

Our Story: George, Jen, Nazareth and Nile -- it's a pleasure meeting you :) We are passionate about raising our boys in the Christian faith and knowing the Bible. One night as we were dressing Nazareth for bed, he said "imagine if my pajamas had David & Goliath all over them, wouldn't that be cool?". From that moment we knew we had to make it happen.

When we started Holy Pals, we wanted to design products that give children the opportunity to draw near to Christ, and to help parents teach their children about their faith. Another very important part of our mission is to shine a light on child-focused charities in need of support, raising awareness of their worthy causes and supporting them alongside our customers. With every pajama sold, proceeds go towards sending cozy pajamas to The Littlest Lamb Orphanage, a privately funded orphanage in Egypt, Operations Christmas Child, and other child focused organizations.


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