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Most other personality tests do not test personality but for temperament. We are born with our temperament. It does not change. However, through life experiences and our best efforts we can develop good habits. These good habits are what make us good people.

This test is a Catholic version of Personality Tests that exist for recruiting. They are basically flawed as some websites will tell you. In fact, there is no universally accepted modern theory of personality. However, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were teaching the Cardinal Virtues of Prudence, Justice, Courage and Temperance. These cardinal virtues and all the virtues that compose - or hinge (the meaning of cardinal) - the Cardinal Virtues consist in a full real theory of personality. 

The Catholic Church promotes this theory because it is the truth, but it also belongs to "the wisdom of nations". Plato talked about the Cardinal Virtues before they were mentioned in the book of Isiah in the Bible. So it is not the property of the Catholic Church and it cannot be opposed by non-Catholics on the basis that it is Church doctrine.

I called it the Alex Test because Alexander the Great learned about the cardinal virtues from Aristotle. He went on forming the largest empire of his time, wider spread geographically than the Roman empire and he did it in 13 years! I mentioned that to rally non-Catholic to the value of the Cardinal Virtues.

The recruiting industry offers many tests. Some are even free. But they make their real money in providing services of training sessions and seminars to help employees and future employees to improve themselves... making it a 2 billion dollars industry. AlexTest does not do that. Because the idea is that there are about 35000 priests in the US that can do that after familiarizing themselves with the idea of virtues as a means of improving one's skills in the professional world. (they are invited to read my book "Virtue Based Management" sold on Amazon).

So the power of this test to evangelize - especially the "Nones" (those who say they have no connection with any religious denomination) will be greatly maximized with the involvement of priests.

Basically, all employers want good people to work for them. That goes for humble janitors to CEO.  Virtue does not depend on what level of authority a person can claim. Interestingly, the combination of certain virtues also permit to include in the test reports the measurement of some soft skills that are of great values such as Leadership, Communications skills, Emotional intelligence and others.


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