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Searching for a book that can outsell every other book you stock?

Parish Orders: Parishes often require large quantities of books, especially those that are used in worship.

By carrying A Catholic Book of Hymns & Chants, bookstores can fulfill large orders placed by parishes, thereby establishing a mutually beneficial relationship. This can increase your bookstore's sales and revenue while meeting the needs of parishes seeking appropriate music resources.

Liturgical Relevance: A Catholic Book of Hymns & Chants by Sacred Music Library contains a collection of hymns and chants specifically curated for Catholic liturgical celebrations. It follows the liturgical calendar, including hymns for various seasons, feast days, and sacraments. By carrying this book, your Catholic bookstore can provide a valuable resource to individuals and parishes seeking music that strictly aligns with the Church's liturgical traditions and is guaranteed theologically sound with  IMPRIMATUR .

It is welcomed evenly by: Novus Ordo and TLM Latin Mass congregations.

Promoting Catholic Identity: A Catholic Book of Hymns & Chants not only provides music for liturgical celebrations but also reinforces and strengthens the Catholic faith. By carrying this book, Catholic bookstores can contribute to building a stronger Catholic community.

Longevity: This hardbound hymnal is a timeless book that remains relevant despite changes in translations. Unlike other hymnals that need frequent updates, costing parishes thousands of dollars roughly every decade since the 1970's, this hymnal is immune to such expenses. It is versatile and can be used on its own or as a supplementary hymnal alongside existing ones in the pews.

Flexibility: Additionally, it can be used in parishes that create and print a weekly liturgy bulletin or use Source & Summit, by saving on printing hymns and can even avoid the hassle of collecting loose pages scattered throughout the church, both on pews and on the floor. Its innovative design allows for the easy insertion and secures up to 16 additional printed pages, ensuring a neat and organized worship experience. It is also a perfect match to the Source & Summit Companion Missal, which does not have hymns.

Accessibility: Having this resource displayed on your bookstore shelves allows individuals to browse and purchase the book, resulting in word-of-mouth advertising as fellow musicians spread the word, increasing sales in your area.

In Conclusion: Carrying our A Catholic Book of Hymns & Chants in Catholic bookstores can serve the liturgical needs of individuals and parishes while promoting Catholic identity. Additionally, the potential for large orders placed by parishes can benefit the bookstore financially.

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Minimum Order: Minimum orders start at one book.

A Catholic Book of Hymns & Chants is printed & bound in Michigan, Sacred Music Library is in Augusta, KY.


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