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The Incredible Catholic Store Movement!!

The “INCREDIBLE CATHOLIC STORE” is a national campaign uniting Catholic stores and evangelization centers under the concept of

Strength in Numbers”

Incredible Catholic Store members work together, share ideas, and experience growth in an ever-changing retail climate so as to better evangelize and serve those we encounter.

Incredible Store members have invested in a  national media campaign in an effort to connect listeners with their local store.

  • Currently our 60 second radio spots tell a poignant story of how an “Incredible Catholic Store” helped change a person’s life. The radio sports run on the Al Kresta show, Teresa Tomeo show and Catholic Answers.
  • The spots can be heard at  ThisLink.  At the end of each spots there is a tagline encouraging the listener to find an “Incredible Catholic Store” in their community at
  • More benefits to follow including colored seasonal print flyers, broadcast calendars and more.
  • For more information contact Barbara Gaskell at or 330-492-7018 or Mary Ann Hutcherson, or 636-385-5603


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