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Popular author and Speaker Dr. Edward Sri, Professor of Theology and Scripture at the Augustine Institute Featured Speaker at Annual CMN Trade Show Breakfast

Sponsored by Ignatius Press, the annual CMN breakfast will take place Thursday morning, July 20, 2017 and feature popular and inspirational Dr. Edward Sri.


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Knights’ New Uniforms Draw Mixed Reactions

August 14th, 2017|0 Comments

During his address at the 135th annual Supreme Convention of the Knights in St. Louis, MO, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson announced a complete revision of the uniform of the Fourth Degree Knights. “The Board of Directors,” Anderson told the gathered Knights, “has decided that the time is right for a modernization of the Fourth Degree Uniform.”

The new uniform consists of a blue blazer, an official Knights of Columbus tie, and a beret, all with the Fourth Degree emblem clearly displayed. The uniform also includes white shirt and dark gray slacks. “On a limited basis,” Anderson commented, “assemblies may choose to continue using the traditional cape and chapeau for Color Corps at public events and Honor Guards in liturgical processions. However, the preferred dress for the Fourth Degree, including Color Corps and Honor Guards, is the new uniform of jacket and beret.” As for the ceremonial sword, Andrew Walther, Vice President of Communications and Strategic Planning for the Knights of Columbus, stresses, “This uniform is not intended to eliminate the use of the ceremonial sword. In fact, ceremonial swords will continue to be part of the Fourth Degree.” More details, he added, will be forthcoming from the Supreme Master.

Anderson continued, “We commend all of the faithful Sir Knights who have proudly worn the Fourth Degree regalia, bringing much respect to the Order. With the new Fourth Degree uniform, recently approved by the Board of Directors, this honor and respect associated with Sir Knights will remain, and it will open the door more widely for a new generation to join their ranks. In a spirit of unity, let us assist with a smooth transition to this new uniform and encourage it to be worn with great dignity and pride.”

The overall uniform of the Fourth Degree was adopted in 1900 but has undergone various changes over the years. Meanwhile, on Twitter, a small campaign – #KeepOurRegalia – has already begun to petition for keeping the old uniform.

Women of Grace® National Conference Scheduled for Albuquerque

August 14th, 2017|0 Comments

This year’s Women of Grace® National Conference will take place in Albuquerque, NM, and will feature a Young Women of Grace tract for girls ages 13+!  Scheduled for September 8-10 at St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church in Albuquerque, the theme for this year’s conference is “Bloom Who You Are” and features Women of Grace® founder Johnnette Benkovic.

Johnnette, who is also the popular host of EWTN’s Women of Grace® television show and Women of Grace® Live radio show, is celebrating her 30th year of ministry and will encourage women to be an “aroma for Christ” right here, right now, in this our state in life.
Father Philip Scott, F.J. will also speak at the event. Father Scott is the founder of the Family of Jesus the Healer order and will address the woundedness of the family and how to find healing in Jesus for both ourselves and our loved ones.

Sue Ellen Browder, formerly of Cosmopolitan Magazine and the author of Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement, will also address the conference about why the prolife movement is the authentic women’s movement of the 21st century.  Singer, songwriter, and inspirational speaker Kitty Cleveland will deliver a rousing musical presentation and the charismatic Carol Marquardt will also speak during the conference.

Unique to this year’s event is the daylong Young Women of Grace tract, which will take place on Saturday for our teen attendees. Girls will have the opportunity to explore the truth about authentic femininity and enjoy plenty of time for fellowship and praise with the rousing music of Susan Potvin of the Living Praise Worship Team.

A Benedicta Leadership Enrichment Seminar will precede this three-day conference on Thursday and Friday, September 7-8, with the retreat immediately following.  The weekend will also include Mass, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and Confession. The cost for the retreat is $140 and includes a boxed dinner on Friday, Saturday lunch and dinner.  To register and for information on local accommodations, visit www.womenofgrace.com or call 1 (800) 558-5452.

First American-Born Martyr, Fr. Stanley Rother, to be Beatified in September

August 14th, 2017|0 Comments

Father Stanley Rother, the Oklahoma-born martyr who served as a priest in Guatemala, will be beatified in Oklahoma City on Sept. 23, 2017. In December 2016, Pope Francis officially acknowledged Fr. Rother’s martyrdom, making him the first recognized martyr to have been born in the United States.

Fr. Rother was from the unassuming town of Okarche, OK, where the parish, school, and farm were the pillars of community life. He went to the same school his whole life and lived with his family until he left for seminary. Surrounded by good priests and a vibrant parish life, Stanley felt God calling him to the priesthood from a young age. But despite a strong calling, Stanley would struggle in the seminary, failing several classes and even out of one seminary before graduating from Mount St. Mary’s seminary in Maryland.

Hearing of Stanley’s struggles, Sister Clarissa Tenbrick, his 5th grade teacher, wrote him to offer encouragement, reminding him that the patron of all priests, St. John Vianney, also struggled in seminary. “Both of them were simple men who knew they had a call to the priesthood and then had somebody empower them so that they could complete their studies and be priests,” said Maria Scaperlanda, author of The Shepherd Who Didn’t Run, a biography of the martyr, released by Our Sunday Visitor. “And they brought a goodness, simplicity and generous heart with them in (everything) they did.”

When Stanley was still in seminary, St. John XXIII asked the Churches of North America to send assistance and establish missions in Central America. Soon after, the dioceses of Oklahoma City and Tulsa established a mission in Santiago Atitlan in Guatemala, a poor rural community of mostly indigenous people. A few years after he was ordained, Fr. Stanley accepted an invitation to join the mission team, where he would spend the next 13 years of his life. While there, he built a farmers’ co-op, a school, a hospital, and the first Catholic radio station, which was used for catechesis to the even more remote villages.

Over the years, the violence of the Guatemalan civil war inched closer to the once-peaceful village. Disappearances, killings, and danger soon became a part of daily life, but Fr. Stanley remained steadfast and supportive of his people. The morning of July 28, 1981, three Ladinos, the non-indigenous men who had been fighting the native people and rural poor of Guatemala since the 1960s, broke into Fr. Rother’s rectory. Not wanting to endanger the others at the parish mission, he struggled but did not call for help. Fifteen minutes and two gunshots later, Father Stanley was dead and the men fled the mission grounds.


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