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We help our members maximize the impact of their mission!

Catholic Marketing Network invites you to become a member of our network. We help ministry-minded Catholics to connect in order to maximize the success of everyone involved.

For nearly 30 years, Catholic Marketing Network has helped Catholic organizations build momentum for their business or ministry. CMN acts as a catalyst for both transactional and networking relationships among Catholic organizations. We connect publishers, product suppliers, and service providers with retailers, apostolates, and ministries. We foster financial sustainability in each organization as our members engage in the process of selling and distributing products, publications and services. CMN makes it simple for product and content creators to get discovered, for Catholic retailers to stock their stores, and for Catholic nonprofits to generate revenue in new ways.

CMN Members participate in an array of benefits.

Business & Nonprofit Organizational Development:

  • CMN MOMENTUM Trade Show & Conference: This event is packed with new product and service experiences, where powerful networking cultivates growth and success for member organizations. These events are valuable face-to-face and in-person experiences. Catholic organizations can sponsor a conference track at CMN events and be part of a great event without the hassle of planning a big event themselves.

  • MOMENTUM Event Business & Ministry Conference Presentations: Powerful conference presentations help you apply best practices in your good work for God. (MOMENTUM Event attendance is FREE for every CMN member, including all the Business & Ministry Seminars.)
  • CMN MARKETPLACE: This members-only wholesale shopping portal makes it simple for publishers and product suppliers to connect with retailers and distributors seeking items for resale, and with nonprofit leaders and volunteers seeking bulk order items for fundraising sales and gifts. This portal also connects ministry-minded Catholics with speakers, ministries, and service providers to help them in their good work.

  • CMN Groups: The NEW* social networking space for CMN members to connect, network and build the synergy that fuels everyone’s success.

  • Marketplace News: The bi-monthly CMN electronic newsletter provides timely and trusted articles with important information to help your business or ministry to flourish.

Marketing & Advertising:

Valuable Incentives & Discounts from CMN Partners:

CMN Video Channel:

Visit the new Catholic Marketing Network Youtube Channel to quickly get a sense of the value of CMN membership benefits and experiences.