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I'm Rose Folsom. As author, speaker, and founder of Virtue Connection, I've helped over 6,000 people enjoy a deeper relationship with God. Many Catholics desire to pray like a saint, but feel discouraged because their connection with God has become stale and empty. They don't realize that the joy of receiving a closer connection with God is a skill that anyone can learn!

When I was a new Catholic 30 years ago, I immersed myself in the writings of the saints to learn how they prayed and stayed close to God. Now, I love passing along the saints' wisdom to Catholics across the country, showing them howanyone can "pray like a saint."

I'd love to give you my free 3-page guide, 3 Things to Do Right Now to Jumpstart Your Prayer Life if you're ready to begin a more vibrant prayer life and closer connection with God.

Many are saying that these tips from the saints are "Just what I needed!" You don't have to spend another day in a prayer life that's gone stale.

Grab 3 Things to Do Right Now to Jumpstart Your Prayer Life here! https://prayer323.virtueconnection.com/rh-prayer-gift/


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